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English, Tagalog

I am a hummus-loving, shutter-clicking, hand-eye-coordination-lacking Filipina-Chinese girl with a penchant for using hyphens & spending inordinate amounts of time listening to Frank Sinatra.

English, Spanish

Hello there! I am a food loving, nap advocate, kardashian fan spanish girl that is also kind of a nerd. My dream career...probably ancient astronaut theorist, but alas I settled for being an econ major, so yeah I can also talk about inflation and all that super interesting stuff.

English, Turkish

Hello! I love designing games and stabbing people, er, I mean fencing. Who doesn't right? I really want to get a PhD in games and computer science to better tell stories with said games. I am known among my close friends for my uncanny ability to consume unhealthy amounts of green apples. You know what they say, one apple an hour keeps the doctor away. I put this idiom to the test every day.

English, Urdu

Inhabiting the world of Naruto and owning the Death Note are just some of my secrets. During my free time, when I’m not watching vines on facebook, I can be observed in my natural habitat doing whatever I can find to kill boredom, whether it’s heading to the gym or catching up on seasons.

English, French, Slovenian, Bosnian

A student of literature from the small Central European Slovenia, I am passionate about all kinds of texts, but have a soft spot for poetry. Besides reading and writing, I like exploring the world through learning different languages, traveling, and drinking local coffee.

English, Korean

I love cooking and baking. (I make awesome choreo cookies!) Been recently into Korean hiphop music, but my all time favorite is The Strokes. My dream is to travel to Iceland but I’m afraid that once I get there, I will fall in love with the place and I will never be able to leave. Sometimes you can spot me singing in the rain (literally) because I really like the smell of the rain. The first thing I want to do when I graduate is to get a cat.

English, Vietnamese

I think coffee, words, and friendship are sacred. Now in my final semester of college, I am taking oud lessons and might be an oud master in the near future. If not, I hope to be my generation’s Asian female Matt Damon. Hmu if you want to talk about immigration, Harry Potter, or the free market.

English, German, Italian, Russian, Georgian

If a person could be described as a fruit, I’d be a potato. I love playing on my ukulele and every once in awhile jam on a drum set to Radiohead, Nirvana or Pearl Jam. I love space, stars, planets, galaxies, black holes, quasars, nebulae, turtles, puppies, and flannel shirts. (I have 10 in my Abu Dhabi Wardrobe). The other things I just dream about while playing on the aforementioned ukulele / drum set.

English, Hungarian

Colors, lights and music make me happy but happy movies often make me sad. I am dangerously clumsy and my clumsiness never fails to surprise and entertain even the people who have known me for years. I never get lost in physical space but most of the times I feel lost in life among my dreams. At least I must be a great actress – my friends tell me I look like I have it all figured out.

English, Russian, Romanian

I spend most of my time writing, whether it be in Java, Python, English, Russian or Romanian. My passions include spoken word poetry, comedy hip hop, having entire conversations using only GIFs, collecting cow-themed objects and annoying friends with my puns. The title of my autobiography will be “Once a Paula time.”

English, Spanish, Portuguese

Most of the time you will find me procrastinating and escaping any and all responsibilities by watching movies or going on random adventures to downtown Abu Dhabi. More recently, I am spending a lot of time chilling in my room with my new goldfish Khulood and tending to my tomato plants. I hope to never ever stop traveling, but my favorite thing in the world is going home to real tacos and my family in Mexico.

English, Dutch

I really like being outside and exploring new places. Also, watching Pawn Stars seems to almost always be at the top of my list at some point during the day. I love writing and telling stories and one day I hope to be a good dad.